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ODN Consulting is a full service information technology management and consulting company. We pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve their goals and improve their processes using the latest technologies and industry best practices. With experience in the legal, financial, medical, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries, we have a wide range of experiences and successes that we can apply to any business or process.

Consulting Services

Process Optimization

A process should always function at its peak. Without breakdown or bottlenecks. Most businesses that have been around are using processes that they put in place years ago with little to no change in the processes over time. Business needs aren't static, and the way your business reacts to those needs should not be static.

Process Optimization is the art of looking at how a process works, all of the inputs, outputs, exceptions, and constraints and determining ways of reducing those exceptions and constraints. This in turn increases the efficiency and productivity of the process and the employees that use this process.

Please contact us for more information and to see how we can help your business be as optimized as possible.

Workflow Automation

If something is done more than once it can be automated. Automation is one of the better ways to help save your business time and money. Not only will it help save money directly, automation will free up your most valuable resource, your employees, so that they can focus on other, non-repetitive work.

Project Implementations

When a major project comes on the horizon it's a time of both excitement and trepidation for many businesses. An implementation that goes well can have amazing benefits for your business. However, one that goes poorly can have catastrophic effects on your business. ODN has successfully handled several major implementation projects and we stand ready to help you with yours.

Managed IT Services

Full-Service IT

IT is changing faster with each passing year. Technologies that once were thought to be mainstays and irreplaceable are now being phased out at blinding pace. You need an information technology support team that is able to adapt at that same break neck speed.

With Managed IT you receive that level of dedicated IT service at a fraction of the overhead cost of a traditional large in house IT team. ODN Consulting can be a supplement to your existing IT team, or provide you an award winning IT team if you lack in-house technical support.

Managed Security

Security practices, policies, and processes are hyper-critical for you business to operate safely and competitively in our fast modern world. With our award winning suite of security tools, ODN Consulting is prepared to help guide your business safely through a dangerous online world.

Metric Driven Performance

We hold our service to high standards. We've developed several KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that we share with our clients so they know that they are getting the best return on their investment possible.

Development Services

Custom Software

Turn-key, off the shelf software is a great tool that keeps the world moving. However, sometimes it's just not possible to find that perfect piece of software and a custom tool needs to be developed. Using an Agile methodology and RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools, ODN Consulting has the capacity to develop any type of line of business software.

With experience with a wide range of platforms (embedded systems, Windows, and Linux) we are comfortable with almost any development task. We have a dedicated project management team that will ensure that your project requirements are fully gathered, and delivers on-time and on budget.

Hosting Services

Microsoft 365

A fully managed Office Suite in the Cloud. ODN Consulting has partnered with Microsoft and other providers to help deliver the best Office 365 service management possible. ODN Consulting's Solution Providers can help your business find the perfect fit of Office 365 into your organization.

Web Hosting

A website is the window to your business that the rest of the world looks through. If your website is down, your business will have a hard time attracting new clients or spreading its message. Our technology stack leverages Cloud power to help ensure that your website is available as much as possible to as many different people and places as possible.

Server Hosting

In the past a hardware server was needing to be on-site at your business. With modern technology, that's no longer the case. Your server can be anywhere, and not even use any physical hardware. So, why should you worry about life cycle management and tie up valuable resources in bare metal hardware. ODN Consulting has a strong history of serving servers to our clients. We can help solution this for your business as well.

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